A healthy habit for happy companion

A healthy habit for happy companion

The smart urine diagnosis kit, “UriVet10” records the urine of the pet through the mobile application and is a mobile integrated in vitro medical device that is developed for the vet to monitor with the owner to prevent dangerous self-diagnosis.

2018 Republic of Korea Best Patent Product

  • Demonstrates veterinary clinic protocol with 3D color space comparison technology.
  • The mobile based urine diagnosis kit that obtained official production license for animal diagnosis device.
  • A trustworthy test result proven by a dual license of medical device for both human and animal.

Mobile Application

A proven average of 98.9% accuracy of test results
* Offical medical equipment data of Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency

Urine diagnosis strip

A single pad design that developed the closest distance between the pad and comparison colors

Easy health monitoring by managing health diagnosis records.

Manage your pet’s health through regular daily checkup and tracking health records.

A joint monitoring system with your veterinarian

If a risk is detected, you can send the test result to the vet and to the electronic chart, share it via SNS and consult about it

Test category & Hazardous disease